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Residential AC Maintenance

for New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Surrounding Areas


Why Choose Comfort Tech?

Family-owned and operated since 2007.

Offer the best HVAC warranties in the industry.

Dispatch NATE-certified service techs.

Service all major brands of HVAC equipment.

We do it the right way, not the easy way!

When the temperature is hot and the humidity is high, you depend on your air conditioner to deliver cold air around the clock without trouble. You must schedule AC maintenance at least once annually to ensure that happens and avoid energy-wasting problems or costly breakdowns. The NATE-certified service techs at Comfort Tech A/C & Heating are happy to care for your air conditioner and keep it looking pristine. We service all major brands of HVAC equipment, including central air conditioners, ductless mini-splits and heat pumps. We like getting to know your HVAC system and developing a long-lasting relationship with it so we recognize what it needs to function efficiently.


Benefits of Our Peak Performance Maintenance Plan

 Comprehensive system tuneup performed twice a year.

 Accrual credit/$50 each year per system.

 Waived service free if accepted on same day of repair.

 10% discount on parts and repairs.

 5% discount on new equipment purchases.

 Peace of mind on your investment.

 Warranty work honored on all equipment brands.

 Priority service.

 No overtime charges after hours/weekends.

Heating and Air Conditioning Tuneups

✓ Full visual equipment inspection. 

✓ Clean burner assembly as needed.

✓ Tune burners for efficiency.

✓ Clean ignition assembly.

✓ Inspect furnace heat exchanger or elements.

✓ Verify adequate flue draft/assembly.

✓ Check thermostat heat anticipation.

✓ Check refrigerant pressures.

✓ Test compression starting capabilities.

✓ Test safety controls.

✓ Clean or replace return air filters if provided.

✓ Inspect blower assembly & blower wheel.

✓ Measure air flow (temp rise/temp split).

✓ Adjust balancing dampers if required.

✓ Tighten electrical connections.

✓ Measure volts/amps.

✓ Lubricate motors if applicable.

✓ Calibrate thermostat if required.

✓ Check evaporator coil if accessible.

✓ Clean outdoor condenser coil.

✓ Check condensate drains.

✓ Clean return grille(s).

✓ Perform carbon monoxide check of system.

✓ Repairs provided without additional service charge.

✓ Suggest energy reduction possibilities.

✓ Provide estimates for system upgrades.

✓ Provide estimates for system repairs before they happen.

✓ Detailed maintenance report provided on site.

Benefits of Scheduling
AC Maintenance Annually

Some home and business owners still consider HVAC maintenance an unavoidable expense, but not scheduling it is a severe mistake. Neglecting your heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems leads to many costly problems. On the other hand, here are the benefits you’ll enjoy when you schedule HVAC maintenance:

 Optimize your HVAC system’s overall performance.

 Increase heating and cooling capacity.


 Lower your monthly energy bills.

 Prevent expensive breakdowns and HVAC repairs.

 Maximize your HVAC system’s useful service life.

 Reduce your property’s carbon footprint.

 Ensure every part of your property feels comfortable.

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