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Keep Your Cool: Essential HVAC Maintenance Tips for Summer

 preventive maintenance for your HVAC system should be a priority

Keep Your Cool: Essential HVAC Maintenance Tips for Summer

As summer approaches, many of us are looking forward to the comfort of air conditioning. However, it's important to remember that preventive maintenance for your HVAC system should be a priority. Ensuring your system is in top shape not only keeps you cool but also helps avoid unexpected breakdowns. Here's what to include on your HVAC service checklist.


After a long winter of inactivity, your HVAC unit needs thorough cleaning. This includes several key components to ensure efficient operation.

  • Clean or Replace the Filter: Depending on your filter type, it may need to be replaced every thirty days to maintain good air quality.

  • Check the Condenser Coils: The condition of your condenser coils significantly affects your unit's energy efficiency.

  • Clean the Evaporator: The evaporator and condenser coils are critical for the heat exchange process, which cools your home.

  • Clean the Drain Line: Ensure proper flow and clear out any clogs.

  • Clear the Drain Pan: Remove any standing water or debris to prevent overflows.


Ensuring all parts of your HVAC system are functioning correctly is vital.

  • Remove Mold and Debris: Check the area outside your unit and ducts for mold and debris to ensure clean air flow.

  • Inspect the Batteries: Check and replace batteries if necessary.

  • Examine the Electrical System and Connections: Ensure proper electrical flow to keep your system running smoothly.

  • Check Motors, Blades, Pulleys, Belts, and Blowers: These components should be inspected to confirm normal operation.


After cleaning and inspecting, it's crucial to test your system to ensure it’s in working order.

  • Test the Thermostat: Verify that your thermostat is working correctly and is properly calibrated.

  • Examine the Timers: Test timers to ensure they are functioning properly.

  • Check Humidity Levels and Air Flow: Ensure both are within normal ranges for optimal system performance.

  • Check the Refrigerant: Verify the refrigerant charge and check for any leaks.


If any issues are found during maintenance, address them immediately. Sometimes, repairs may not suffice, and a system replacement could be necessary.

At Comfort Tech A/C & Heating, we offer comprehensive HVAC preventive maintenance services. Regular servicing can prevent unexpected issues and help your system run longer and more efficiently. For service in the New Orleans area, call us at 504-867-2800, and for the Baton Rouge area, call 225-254-6300 or fill out our contact form. We are here to answer your questions and discuss our maintenance plan options.

Stay cool this summer with Comfort Tech A/C & Heating!


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